Thursday, August 24, 2017

Interview With HBO Insecure Star, Dominique Perry!

On Monday, August 21st, 2017 I had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely, Dominique Perry of the HBO hit television series, INSECURE. Dominique happens to play the sweetheart of the show, Tasha. Check out our interview below!


How long have you been an actress?


I've been an actress since I was like seven years old and I'm twenty-nine now, so it's been over a decade. A pretty long time.


Which actor or actress would you like to work with?


I would like to work with Michael B. Jordan, not just because of his looks but because he was challenged as an actor. Him and Taraji. I love Taraji. I think they're are both great. I have a few other people that I would like to work with but I think those two are the two that pop out for me.


What inspired you to audition for the role of Tasha?


I wasn't inspired. My manager actually hooked me up and was like, "Hey, you have an audition coming up." and I was like okay. I read it and I loved her. I thought she was so sexy, colorful, vibrant and all of that. So I was like ok I like her and that's what helped me get into the character. I like what she represents as a person because she's a lot like me.


Are you working on any upcoming projects?


Yes, I'm working on a few projects so I'll put them out there when they're actually done. I have a film in the works and also a television show!


What is it like working with the cast members of Insecure?


We are actually good friends. We all party. Everyone is super nice and we're actually like a family which is really good because sometimes you don't find that on certain sets. It's like a big family away from the set as well as on.


So, you have to spill the beans? Does the television actually do Jay Ellis justice or is he even more fine in person?


Aw man, Jay Ellis is even better in person. He's amazing! A very gorgeous individual.

(Charisma and Dominique both laugh)


What advice do you have for people chasing their dreams?


I would say stay persistent. Never give up on it because in this industry whether it's modeling, singing, dancing, acting, anything that is not a career goal where you go to school for X amount of years and become a nurse or doctor. It takes a certain level of courage to do it. No matter the rejection. There will be times where you want to cry and give up. I still have those times! Remember this is what GOD intended for you to do. This is your passion so keep it going and you will be rewarded.


Do you have a celebrity crush?


I like Mack Wilds. I think he's super cute. Also, Trevante Rose. He's a new actor.


Ok, well as long as you didn't say my two people you're fine.





John Wall of the Washington Wizards and Omari Hardwick, although he's already married he's just something to look at. (laughs)


Well, yes. Omari is also a very gorgeous individual. Now that's another one. I got a chance to meet him. Very nice, very sweet, very respectful and very professional.


@DJGOODBOI wants to know if you're single and looking?


Am I single yes. Am I looking for a man? No. I hope that he comes to me but I'm open. Yeah, I am single and I'm open for the right guy to come along.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Interview With Rico Lavelle!

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Rico Lavelle, singer and rapper from Detroit, Michigan. You can get to know Rico a bit more by reading the interview listed below. Enjoy!
When did you realize you had a passion for music?
I just really like music. I use to sing around the house when I was younger. I remember Ginuwine, had a song called, "Why not me?". I use to dance around to that song a lot. I also got caught singing in school by a group of girls.
If you could collaborate with any artist, who would you choose?
Andre 3000, SZA and anyone else with a major influence.
If you had the opportunity to sign with a major record company, who would you choose and why?
I don't want to be signed! I want to be independent! I believe in having creative control and taking chances.
What advice do you have for young men with dreams of being in the music industry?
Make sure this is something you want to do, if not stop because you'll just end up wasting your time if you're not serious.
What can the world expect next from Rico Lavelle?
Don't expect anything. Just wait!
Do you have a celebrity crush?
Sooooo, clearly Rico Lavelle wanted to jump more in depth, so I suggested we play, "This or That".
Relationship OR Multiple Girls?
Relationship, because of protection. Also, because I prefer quality or quantity.
Private OR Socialite?
Private, because I have personal life.
Now OR Later?
Now, because tomorrow isn't promised and the things you do today will affect your tomorrow.
Versatile OR Consistent?
Versatile, because doing the same thing over and over again can get boring.
Rico Lavelle will be releasing his new project, 2AM this month.
Along with the project a film visual for each song is set to follow.
The album will include a introduction along with five tracks.
What is your favorite song on 2AM?
I would have to say, my favorite song is the Intro. It reflects on temptation and making the right and wrong decisions. Not to mention, it describes my edgey lifestyle.
Any features on the album?
I worked with Tony Boy, Drew, Whitney, and Vealyree. They're all from Flint, Michigan. I also worked with Heizenburrr, a producer from Pontiac, Michigan.
Why did you decide to name the album, 2AM?
I decided to name the album, 2AM because basically everything I talked about is what's usually on my mind or what I'm doing at 2AM!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Why Are We So Afraid To Date?

Why are we so afraid to let others in? What are we actually holding on to?
Mary J. Blige once recorded a song called, Baggage. Let me ask you this. Have you ever taken time out to actually listen to the lyrics of the song?
If you never heard the song before, feel free to take a listen here:
Let's be honest with ourselves here. This song holds a lot of truth to it.
"I got this baggage with me, don't want to make you pay for what somebody else has done to me, I don't know what to do. With all this baggage in me, every time I hurt your feelings it's someone's done to me, I don't mean to hurt. Heartache and pain, I just can't do it again so I look for the worst and brace myself for the hurt." -Mary J. Blige

A lot of us pass on dating opportunities because we're so busy comparing our old relationships to what is trying to be formed. We often think just because a boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife played us in the past, everyone after them will do the same.
 Well, guess what?
Some people just aren't for us and there's no way around it.
I was on a women's prayer call about a day or so ago and something was said that stuck with me because it made complete sense.
"Some people harden their hearts against us for our protection. Though we may not understand it's for our own good."
That almost blew me away because, it's so true.
Sometimes were so busy trying to make the person that we're dating or interested in live in the same space as us that we fail to realize that we're not even fit for each other. Then on the other hand we have others that we're compatible with but things start to fade over a period of time.
People change.
People drift apart.
Some people will hurt us intentionally and unintentionally. However, we can't dwell on the past.
It's a lot of great like minded individuals out here really interested in courting you and treating you exactly how you deserve to be treated but you have to allow them to do it. You can't constantly compare every situation to your ex and what he/she has done to you in the past.
So I tell you what!
Starting today, let's let go of the past. Let's let go of the pain from previous relationships so we can allow ourselves to be open to wonderful opportunities with such great people. Great things are already aligned for each and every one of us, we just have to be receptive!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Interview With Dana Chanel

Friday night I had the opportunity to interview the lovely, Dana Chanel. I honestly enjoyed every moment speaking with Dana. She was extremely nice. The definition of a genuine spirit. Check out the interview below!
Photo Credit:
At what point of your life did you realize you wanted to be closer to Jesus?
It was solitude! I was removed from a past situation and it required a lot of isolation. I started reading the bible more. I was at a point where I was feeling depressed. I didn't grow up in a church. I didn't learn about Jesus until I was eighteen years old.
What inspired you to launch, "Sprinkle of Jesus"?
My mindset and heart began to change. During that season of my life, I was working at a strip club. I always wanted people to know you can still have fun and be cool all while having a relationship with GOD. GOD wants to protect us from the things of the world. Mainly, I wanted "Sprinkle of Jesus" to be everything I never had but needed.
What advice do you have for the unsaved?
I can't force anything! No church, pastor, mother, father or etc. can make you want it. You have to seek a relationship with GOD for yourself.
How does it make you feel to know your social media account pulls individuals closer to GOD?
Honestly, it's extremely humbling! What I actually love most about the "Sprinkle of Jesus" application is the testimony and prayer request tab. I actually read the prayers.
What's in store next for Dana Chanel?
I'm excited to share we're going to be putting together short films for "Sprinkle of Jesus". Each episode will run for at least thirty minutes. Also, we're always helping small businesses and recycling the Christian dollar throughout the Christian community.

Monday, November 23, 2015

You Can't Share Every Detail!


Yes, we're all human and sometimes it's hard for us to hold certain things in. Well, one thing I've learned along the way is that you can't share every detail with everyone. Sometimes we get so excited when we make certain moves ex. Career, Education, Relationship, Goals and etc and we just want to share with everyone what we have planned or lined up. 

I hate to say it but.......

- Charisma Miller

Sucks right? Yeah, I know.
Everyone won't be able to handle your success or the great things coming your way. Unfortunately, sometimes while you're PRAYING they're PREYING against you! Luckily, you're better than that! Don't allow others to bring you down with their opinions of your accomplishments ESPECIALLY when they didn't help you accomplish anything. The quote, "People want to see you do good, just not better than them" is definitely true. 
Never get caught up in that type of behavior. You're supposed to want to see others succeed. Down talking on someone's blessings or preying on their downfall will not make you succeed any faster. If anything, it's going to slow you down in the end. 

It's nothing wrong with congratulating others and wanting to see others come out on top. You don't always have to be the center of attention with the number one spot. Give credit when it's due. Let people know their hard work is paying off. Supporting others will not make you look weak!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Learning How To Be More Selective and Responsible with WORDS, THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS!

As humans we must learn how to be more selective yet responsible with our words, thoughts and emotions. 
Energy is everything and what we put out into the universe plays a huge part on how things balance out and works in our favor.

You're probably thinking "Why are words, thoughts and emotions so important?" 

Well, let me break it down for you. 

Wether you believe it or not words, thoughts and emotions affect us more than we realize. 


Sometimes we're so use to being around certain people or even specific person and we begin to say things like "I miss him/her, I just want to be with or see this person and etc." However, in all actuality that's not the truth at all because if you really wanted to be involved with that person you would still be there, right? You wouldn't have left no matter how tough the situation appeared to be, right? My point exactly. That is a perfect example of providing the universe with false information.

We have to learn how to take control of our own emotions. We can't allow your emotions to control us! It's a mental process. Thinking about something or someone for too long will make you a prisoner of your own unwanted thoughts. 

Here's a better example. 

We've all been guilty of saying we hate our jobs. But have we ever really took the time out to think about what would happen if we lost them? What if they told us they no longer needed us? The universe hears all things spoken from our lips and tries it's best to accommodate us.

Once those specific words, thoughts or emotions surface the universe/atmosphere they can't be taken back. You can apologize or even be forgiven for what has once left your tongue but it's on it's way to come to pass. 

Taking responsibility for your own words, thoughts and emotions requires discipline but it can be done. 


Sunday, August 16, 2015

Interview with POWER star Lucy Walters!

Friday I got a chance to chat with the beautiful, Lucy Walters. Lucy is known for her sassy role as Holly Weaver on the Starz original series POWER. Lucy was extremely kind and very humble. It was a pleasure working with her. Check out the interview below! 

Charisma: Who is your favorite actress? 
Lucy: Laura Linney and Diane Keaton were sort of some of the early influences when I was first figuring out what I really wanted to do. I felt like they were both smart and interesting women. They were not like traditional beauties. I felt like they were more like regular people that I could relate to who were making interesting choices with their career. 

Charisma: When did you realize you had a passion for acting?
Lucy: Well, I started off as a performer. I've played the violin for the most of my life. I grew up in Houston and I used to sing whenever there were children's parts for the Houston Grand Opera. I think I got a taste for the thrill of performing and I really kind of thought it was like a hobby for a long time. Acting was just fun! I didn't know it was viable to make a career out of this. It took a long time for me to figure out that you can make a living out of this. 

Charisma: What inspired you to audition for the role of Holly Weaver?
Lucy: I was just a big fan of our show runner Courtney. She's a really fascinating, smart and interesting woman and you don't see many women show runners especially, women of color. I just thought she was a bad ass! I wish there were more of her in this world because she's really special! I knew the other writers in the writers room and I just believed in that team. I didn't think there was any chance that I would actually be considered for it because it's not the normal role that I typically get casted for and I'm so grateful that I was. I often play the good girl and I can tell you Charisma, that it is so fun to play the bad girl. (Laughs) Kind of liberating you know.

Charisma: What was your favorite episode of Power? 
Lucy: Oh, wow. Here's the best thing about Power, every episode I watch I'm like "uhhhhh" (laughs) and every time we read the script I felt like, "That's incredible, it couldn't get any better" and then next episode I'm like "Even better". You watched this last one. You know. It was so good but too much because I love me some Sinqua and I was just really upset. Episodes five and six were really gifts to me because Holly has so much more to do this season. We got to see it was some depth to her. Holly kind of keeps it all zipped up with a really tough girl image. We got to see her vulnerability. There's some real complicated emotions and she's never allowed herself to feel love.

Charisma: I don't even think I have a favorite episode of Power. (Laughs)
Lucy: Yeah, I know. Each week gets better. I have no idea how you could make a third season. It got so good Charisma!

Charisma: It got to the point where I couldn't wait until Saturday. I had to start watching it on, on demand at midnight.
Lucy: Staying up on Friday night. (Laughs) that makes me so happy!

Charisma: What advice do you have for young girls trying to accomplish their dreams? 
Lucy: I have two words. Grit and authenticity! Just work really hard. In a lot of ways I feel like I am not a shoe in this industry. I don't know anyone, I was not a supermodel, my parents weren't famous. I think there is really something in not expecting anything! I was always willing to say yes to everything and outwork everyone in the room. I really believe in authenticity. I feel like when I learned to love all of the parts of me that in the past I've tried to cover up and pretend weren't there, those are the things that ultimately set you apart. Instead of down playing your flaws, embracing them has been empowering. Why cover it up? Embrace those flaws because that's what makes you interesting. At the end of the day that's all we have. It's always going to be someone younger, prettier or whatever but just knowing what makes you, you is what people respond to. 

Charisma: I love that answer! What can the world expect next from Lucy? 
Lucy: I always laugh because everyday they keep me on this show is like a gift because if they can let Shawn go they can kill off anyone. (Laughs) This summer I've been shooting a couple of independent features and I've been shooting a film in New York called "Here Alone". I have film I did a couple years ago which is just now being released in Walmart called "Lies I told my little sister". Holly is so fun but she's very different than what I've gotten to play in the past.

Charisma: Great! Now here's my last question Lucy. You have to spill it. Does the tv do Omari any justice? Is he more fine in person or on the big screen?
Lucy: Charisma, that is a perfectly, perfectly, perfectly formed human. I'm not even actually convinced that he is human. It's just like what do you even do with someone like that? He's of a different realm, like a marvel.

Charisma: (Laughs) 
Lucy: You need to get him on here! You should reach out to him he's such a down to earth good guy. You know his wife did PR for a long time so I know he would be happy to do it. 

Charisma: I know. I've reached out to his staff for the past year and half but I eventually gave up because I know he's super busy!
Lucy: I'm sure he is but I will say this, when I see him next and I'm not sure when that will be but I will mention it to him. 

Charisma: Please! That's like the perfect interview.
Lucy: You know Joe is very approachable too.

Charisma: Yes, I tried reaching out to him as well. I'm so obsessed with the show that I reached out to the whole cast. 
Lucy: Aww, well I will put in a good word for you. I just think they're all really swamped right now but I'm sure someone will reach out because, what you're doing is really special. It really is!

Charisma: Thank you! I just really hope this inspires other writers. A lot of people stop because they think you always have to have the right amount of funds and able to travel but as long as you have technology you can make a lot happen! It's not always about money you just have to have the time for it.
 Lucy: Yes, the willingness to do it! The grit, the hard work.

Charisma: Exactly! The hard work. 

Facetime photo with Lucy and Charisma.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Making Connections Via Social Media Blog!

Making Connections Via Social Media Blog:

Everyone uses social media for different reasons! Some people use social media to promote their business, share blogs, music and etc. I happen to use social media for my blog site. I started my blog back in 2010, after graduating from high school. I've always been extremely passionate about writing NOT BLOGGING! 

Blogging was new to me when I first started. It was fun, fresh and exciting! One day I decided to take it to the next level. I always wanted to interview celebrities, but I didn't know any. No worries, social media helped me out so much. I started posting my blog links on twitter and surprisingly my audience grew. I started to tag celebrities in links and they begun to retweet and favorite the links without me asking them to.

My first interview was with Pat the Roc, a professional street baller. He followed me on twitter and I asked him if he was interested in being interviewed for my blog. Surprisingly, he said yes! I know, you're probably thinking, "Why is she saying surprisingly?" Well, that's because at that time I was new to the blogging scene. I never interviewed anyone before. After interviewing Pat the Roc, I became even more hungry for interviews. I started reaching out to tons of celebrities and they we're actually responding, willing and excited to interview with me. Over the years, I've interviewed several names such as Gina Prince-Bythewood, Yandy Smith, Trey Burke, Claudia Jordan, Sundy Carter, Al Jarreau, Charles Bibbs, Rob Hill Sr. and a great deal of other amazing individuals.

So back to the topic of the blog. Don't allow people to make you feel bad for always being so engaged in social media. Social media is your friend, so utilize it. It was created to make connections and help you expand your platform. With all of the new social media sites and technology out right now there's no reason why your plans should not fall through. Push and promote. SEND OUT LINKS, TAG PEOPLE, POST VIDEOS and etc. Social media can help you in more ways then you know!

Thanks For Reading,
Charisma Miller
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Instagram - @Rissy103
Twitter - @CharismaMM

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Interview with Rob Hill Sr.!

Last Sunday, I was given the opportunity to interview Rob Hill Sr! Rob caught my eye over a year ago with his heart felt quotes and twitter posts. After following Rob on twitter I decided to follow him on Instagram and reach out to him for a interview. After almost a year of trying to get in touch with Rob Hill Sr. for a interview I finally got in contact with him and we were able to chit chat about a lot of positive things!

Charisma: Who or what inspires you?

Rob: People! My son also inspires me. Seeing people trying to grow and the big expectations I have for myself inspires me as well. Mainly, the connection between people. I'm inspired by people period!

Charisma: When did you realize you had a passion for writing?

Rob: I've always had a passion for it. It has always been that friend that never told my business.

Charisma: Who is your favorite writer?

Rob: This may sound corny but, GOD! My mom, as well. I always loved the way my mom wrote. I'm also a huge fan of Victoria Christopher Murray! She's a great friend of mine.

Charisma: Do you have any upcoming projects?

Rob: Yes, actually I do! "The Missing Piece" will be released next year. It's an audio project and it's the sequel of "The Audacity Of A Good Heart" which was published by Atria Simon and Schuster.

Charisma: Where can fans download (buy) and listen to your work?

Rob: You can purchase my work on Amazon!

Charisma: What is your advice to young teens and men trying to accomplish their goals? 

Rob: My advice is to always set fair expectations for yourself! Don't start small and never limit yourself.

Charisma: Okay, last question. Dear Chanel, was that about a real person?

Rob: (laughs) Yes but Dear Chanel, is about a combination of women I've dated throughout my lifetime. It's a message from the past. It's how I felt, what I aspired to be, what I wanted to work and a lot of other things.  

Charisma: Once again Rob, thank you for taking time to interview with me.

Rob: No problem and thank you for extending your platform!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Importance of Being Equally Yoked!

Being Equally Yoked Blog:

Let's face it, everyone wants to be in love. However, what's love when it's not being properly demonstrated?

"Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common. Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?" 2 Corinthians 6:14

A lot of us have been in and out of love. STOP! WAIT! Have you ever asked yourself why it didn't work? I can't speak for everyone but I can speak on my own behalf. About three years ago, I tried the whole "meeting new people" thing over again. During the process, I came across two guys in particular and which this blog is based off of my brief experiences with them. The two stories are listed below:

(I will be using fake names in order to not personally identify the two guys)

Guy #1 (Marcus): I met Marcus through a close friend. At first things were going smooth with Marcus. We talked everyday, he was extremely funny, and overall he was a gentleman. Anyway, I talked to Marcus for a couple of months and we started spending time together which was great, at least that's what I thought. Well, one day I was at Panera Bread waiting on my order and a Jehovah Witness approached me. As a child, I was always told to respect my elders no matter the case but this situation was EXTREMELY hard, especially as a nineteen year old. The Jehovah Witness started off nice the she became overly aggressive. She began to asked me if I knew who created the world and do I believe in Jesus Christ and why? I tried to politely end the conversation but instead she insisted on explaining how I haven't been receiving the correct information about our creator. After leaving Panera Bread, I immediately called Marcus to tell him about what I had just experienced. After explaining the sorry to him, his response was: "Well, she's kind of right." After I asked him how he said "I just don't believe a N**** would die on a cross for some people he never even met." PAUSE! TIME OUT! Wait right the heck there. I couldn't believe what I just heard. I was in total shock that someone would dare speak that way about someone so precious and dear to me. GOD? The man that sacrificed his own son so that we could live! I had to follow up before ending the phone call by asking him "So you don't believe in GOD?" and his response was "I mean I believe in higher power" *Charisma Hangs Up* *Click* *Phone call and all communication is over* I couldn't even argue with Marcus because I was in total shock. I've never heard anyone speak that way about GOD. EVER! 

Guy #2 (Keith): Keith was a family member of one of my friends. She kept telling me how he was so interested in getting to know me. Oh what the heck. It wouldn't hurt to make a new friend. Keith was a brain picker. He made you think! However, our last conversation was extremely irritating because I had just been through a similar situation not too long ago. Keith asked me did I believe in GOD. Of course, I told him yes! He then went on to ask why, so from there I went on to explain why I was a believer. After my response Keith went on to say "I don't think you really believe in GOD. I think you just believe in him because that's how you were raised. *PAUSE* After that I snapped! I felt like I had too and he got it twice as hard. He got a couple words for his foolishness and he even earned a couple words on Marcus's behalf since I didn't get a chance to let him know something.

Now back to the topic on why it's important to be equally yoked.

Would you ever want to be in a relationship with someone who's faith went in a total different direction than yours? Could you imagine going through life with a spouse that didn't know Jesus Christ for him or herself? Could you imagine being committed to someone with weak faith? Here's a better one! Could you imagine being with someone that didn't know how to pray? It's so important to be equally yoked especially when children start to come into the equation. You don't want to confuse your children with the beliefs!

You should want to be with someone that's on the same page as you especially, when it comes to Christ and your faith. Be with someone that will pray for you when you're too weak to pray for yourself. You should want to be with someone that will pull you closer to GOD and not draw you away from him. Be with someone that's happy and humbled to serve The Lord!


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Charisma Miller
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